Make Like Pippa Middleton With A Military Fitness Workout (Pert Bottom Guaranteed)

Make Like Pippa Middleton With A Military Fitness Workout (Pert Bottom Guaranteed)Make Like Pippa Middleton With A Military Fitness Workout (Pert Bottom Guaranteed)

Pippa Middleton (Getty Images)

Ever since our beady beauty eyes caught sight of Pippa Middleton’s stellar figure at the royal wedding back in April 2011, us Grazia ladies (and the entire UK female population…) have been well and truly fascinated with Pippa’s pert bottom. After all, the 30-year old younger sister of the Duchess Of Cambridge sure had some guts to don such a figure-hugging bridesmaid’s dress knowing the eyes of two billion people (yep, really!) would be ready to criticise her every move. Fast-forward 3 years and we’re still obsessed with Pippa’s bottom. Why, I hear you say? Well, Pips might be yet to partake in the latest belfie trend (that’s bum selfie to you and me) although breaking news reaching Grazia HQ informs us of Pippa’s latest weapon for keeping her behind in tip-top condition. The answer? Military fitness.

Make Like Pippa Middleton With A Military Fitness Workout (Pert Bottom Guaranteed)Make Like Pippa Middleton With A Military Fitness Workout (Pert Bottom Guaranteed)

Pippa's toned bod is the result of British Military Fitness Classes (Getty Images)

In her latest column for Waitrose magazine (a real Grazia fave, naturelement) Pippa Middleton describes herself as a “military-fitness obsessive”. The brunette beauty’s latest instalment in the magazine also features her cooking up a Valentine’s sweet treat storm with Michelin-starred chef Eric Chavot. Pippa writes, “Early morning- a tad too early, even for a military-fitness obsessive like me - and I'm in an underground kitchen in London's Mayfair sitting next to a gregarious Frenchman in shorts.” Well, if a military fitness class guarantees a bottom as pert as Pippa’s and the freedom to indulge in delicious French desserts… we’re sold!

Want in? Military fitness classes certainly aren’t for the faint-hearted but they do guarantee great results. Taking place in parks and other open spaces across the UK, each class is divided into ability groups and lasts for approximately one hour- a medley of running, walking, hill training, strengthening exercises and partner or teamwork, all based on the training exercises used by the military. Ready to get whipped into shape? All the classes are led by either current or former qualified Army physical training instructors, so prepare to get your hands dirty. After all, Pippa does.

Make Like Pippa Middleton With A Military Fitness Workout (Pert Bottom Guaranteed)


British Military Fitness: The original and the best- click here for more information and to book a class (your first one is free)

The Boot Camp: London-based and offering 4-week intensive boot-camp packages which are perfect if you want quick results.

The Camp: Not for the faint-hearted- this 7-day, residential fitness and weight-loss camp based in Scotland, run by ex-Special Forces fitness instructors is backed by clinical nutritionists and medical experts. Click here for more information.

No 1 Boot Camp: Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead spent a week at this Norfolk-based military style bootcamp earlier last year. With programmes also available in Ibiza- this is the celeb’s number 1 choice.

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