Michelle Mone's £1m fake tan range

Michelle Mone's £1m fake tan range

Finding the perfect fake tan can be tricky. Here at Cosmo we've tried them all (in the name of Cosmo beauty research of course). So we're always eager to try the newest fake tan on the market, especially when its creator is  the founder of Ultimo, Michelle Mone OBE. Our initial thoughts were, 'she's all about undies, what does she know about fake tan?'


Well a lot actually, loads! When we met Michelle at London's fancy Soho hotel we were impressed. She knows everything there is to know about fake tan. And so she should, she enlisted the help of beauty expert Jill Goldsmith, who came with plenty of experience herself; Molton Brown, Shiseido, Margaret Atwell, and she was the former head of beauty at YSL. And Michelle didn't rush with UTan, it took three years to develop the range and cost £1m to create.

Launching today with nine products inclusive in the range with shades such as 'Ibiza Extreme', 'Marbella Gold' and 'Miami Beach' available nationwide in Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis. Prices start from £18.


UTan is way more than a self tan beauty product. Sure, it gives a deep rich colour but it also contains rainforest extracts for moisturisation, tone and texture and contains wild indigo flower found in India which is said to improve the appearance of the skin for smoother, firmer textures (bye bye cellulite).


Michelle was eager to create a fake tan range that didn't smell of biscuits or come off on your white clothes. UTan is DHA odour-free - hurrah! And we've tried it - it spells quite nice actually.

Michelle Mone OBE said: "UTan has been really exciting not least because it's Ultimo's first foray into the beauty market having made our name in lingerie and fashion. I knew from the outset that I wanted the colour to be unrivalled and deliver that perfect colour that wouldn't have any of those tell-tale fake tan smells. It's taken three years of development and I'm really proud of the UTan range as there's a tam for everyone.".

What are you waiting for? Get tanning!

Visit UltimoBeauty.co.uk for more information on the range.

Michelle Mone's £1m fake tan range

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