Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J Opens up On His Taetiseo Controversy

Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J has publicly opened up on his recent Taetiseo incident for the first time.

On the May 30 broadcast of SonbadakTV’s Park Myung Soo’s Moving TV the hip hop duo, Mighty Mouth appeared as guests where the two opened up on their recent controversy involving Taetiseo.

On the May 25 broadcast of KBS’ Music Bank, while Taetiseo’s members gave their closing thank you speech following their win, Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J was seen behind the shoulders of each of the Taetiseo members as they spoke and making goofy faces.

In the resulting days, he was criticized and attacked online by SNSD fans with malicious and often personal attacks, despite apologizing twice to SNSD fans.

On Park Myung Soo’s show, Shorry J candidly revealed he was indeed personally hurt from the attacks and added, “It was the first time I ever received so much cursing. I took a lot of hurt personally. [In particular] because I made them laugh and then I got cursed at.”

Sangchoo also revealed his side and regret for Shorry J saying, “At first Shorry J just goofed around for about five seconds and came back to stand quietly next to me. I told him it was funny so I told him to keep doing it. Shorry J then goofed around more and then the incident became an issue.”

Photo credit: Sonbadaktv

Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)
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