Mila Kunis gushes about Seth MacFarlane

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    Transcript Reveals Confusion in Ferry Evacuation

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Mila Kunis seems to be pretty adept by now, doing characters dealing with messy love triangles. But competing with a stuffed animal in Ted, was something on the decidedly new and different side, and essentially out of her acting range. But not to worry, according to Mila during this gab session about the movie, her longtime comedic collaborations with freaky Family Guy director Seth MacFarlane made it all go down exceedingly easy. Mila also mulled boy toys in the movie, both real and otherwise; walking the fine line between being the cool and bitchy girlfriend in Ted; the highs and lows of working her ass off, and people out there who may think she’s a horrible human being. Ted is about a childhood wish that comes true. What is your biggest wish that has come true in your life?

MILA KUNIS: One? I’m not going to answer that! It’s too personal. I mean, I can give you a bullshit answer! But I’ll just be honest. You make simple wishes and some happen, some don’t. And ultimately – as cheesy as this sounds! – being here is great. Though you can’t call it a wish, it’s is not like I magically wished for something and it happened overnight.

What keeps you grounded as a celeb?

MK: I don’t know! I guess it’s that I’m honest, and I speak my mind at all times. And I think that, if anything, helps me stay grounded. Because I will say what I think, but I don’t expect the yes in return. Like if you ask a question, there’s always two answers, a yes and a no. And you’re not always right. I will fight to prove that I’m right, but I will accept being wrong. And I have an amazing family. And I have a truly incredible group of friends that I can count on one hand. So I’m blessed, and lucky to be in a position to work with people that I respect. And look up to and admire, and that I actually want to show up to work with. And I think a lot of that speaks for itself. I’m able to do the job that I love, and surround myself with the people that I like to go to work with and work for. And people whose opinion I trust, and whose outlook I respect. But I don’t really know how to answer that question, because I’m sure many people would disagree and tell you that I’m a horrible human being! But I do believe that it all depends on who you surround yourself with. And what you put out, is what you get back in return. I work hard, I work my ass off. And I’ve worked that way for twenty years. But I don’t have to show you how hard I work. As long as I know how hard I work, that’s all that matters. And I think people get so caught up in trying to prove to everybody else how hard they work. So that they lose all sense of what they do, and why they do it. And as long as I do my homework and I know I did, and I show up and do my job, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. And then I can have a life! But you still work for things in real life. And I think that there are just aspects to being here, that is a miracle.

Which one of your childhood toys would you most like to come to life?

MK: Well, my favorite toy when I was little, it is a little character called cheburashka. So I used to like this little cheburashka. And when I came to the States at the age of nine, a family friend of mine gave me a stuffed teddy bear that I still have. And it’s a she. And she is gray, and she has a name. And I guess if I could play with any single one of them, it would probably be cheburashka Because she has a really cute little voice.

How do you act with toys?

MK: You know what, it actually wasn’t so bad. I didn’t have very much physical interaction with the bear. So mine was very circumstantial, whether the bear was to the right or left of me, or to the front of me. But I think Mark had it the hardest. So for me, it wasn’t so frightening. You have a stick, and two eyes! As far as the animation or the look of the bear, I was never too concerned with that. And MacFarlane can do that, and do it incredibly well. But I think the challenge, was to try to make a likable but obnoxious looking teddy bear that people can relate to. So for me, I had a blast going and acting opposite MacFarlane. And I had in my earwig at all times, so it wasn’t so hard for me. I think the biggest challenge would be the creation of the bear. That is Seth and the effects team.

What did you figure about about playing the girlfriend?

MK: It was a hard thing to do. Because you want to play the fine line of not having to be too cool, because then that’s not realistic. But you don’t want to be the nagging girl, because then you’re stuck being the nagging girl! And in all honesty, we had many discussions over it. And it was always because I was like, this is coming across too bitchy! This is not how a woman would react. And more times than not Seth was like, okay. How do you propose we fix the problem. So it was awesome, because it allowed me to help make the character be what I wanted her to be. But with Seth MacFarlane’s voice. So it was very collaborative. And he was very open minded to ideas. You know, it’s a hard character to write, especially for a man. And I wouldn’t even know where to begin, and I’m a female! So it’s like you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. You’re stuck in this weird limbo.

How would you describe Seth?

MK: Fuck, I’ve only known him for years! I’ve known Seth since I was fifteen. But it’s strange for me to have to describe him, because he is one of my oldest friends. Like we hang out, and go to lunches and watch TV. So it’s not necessarily somebody that I consider my boss. Which he also is! And you know, Seth and I have gone through a lot together. And he is incredibly loyal. And supportive. And he’s passionate. And brilliant. Which I think everybody knows. He’s smart and compassionate, and he doesn’t have an ego. And I think at the end of the day, that as a person really does play out as a director.

You’re also the voice of Meg on his show, Family Guy, so did Seth direct you differently for a live action project?

MK: No. And I think the reason he and I work well together, is because after years of working on Family Guy, we do have a shorthand. So doing live action is the same exact thing. Just a face attached to the voice. What do you think this movie is really all about?

MK: Friendship. And acceptance.

So which is your thing now after Ted and Black Swan, drama or comedy?

MK: Somebody told me that after Black Swan, they didn’t expect me to follow up with Ted. And I was like why, because it’s funny? I’ve had this argument with MacFarlane many times, that I don’t think I’m funny.

You’re pretty funny.

MK: Thanks! But that doesn’t mean I don’t like comedy. I just would never be able to go on a stage and do a roast. I would panic! But I will not go and do something that I don’t believe in, whether it’s comedy, horror, sci-fi, action or whatever genre. It doesn’t matter. It’s about quality. So if I love Ted and I think it’s a good movie, I don’t care if it’s funny or sad. As long as it’s good. It’s just entertainment. So I will go in whatever direction I’m drawn to. And after Ted, I went and did Oz: The Great And Powerful. And I’m dying to know what genre people are going to put that movie in! And then after that one, I went and did Hell & Back, which is a stop-motion animation, R-rated movie. After that, I went and did Blood Ties, which is a cop drama. None of this makes sense! If you look at my movies, they all look like a crazy person chose them. And who is erratic, and has no lineage whatsoever. So I choose the work that I believe in. And I love comedy, when it’s written well. And when someone like MacFarlane writes something that I think is brilliant, I will say the shit out of it. /Viva Press

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