miss A’s Suzy Slapped Cross Gene’s Shin Won Ho 6 Times Before Becoming Friends

Is getting slapped on the face six times the way to a strong friendship?

For Shin Won Ho, that was exactly the case.

On July 17, Shin Won Hoappeared on KBS’ 1 vs 100, attempting to win the 50 million won prize.

During the episode, Shin Won Ho talked about his acting experience in KBS’ Big, starring Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung and miss A’s Suzy.

Before his character lied in a coma for the majority of the drama, Shin Won Ho said he had the most scenes with Suzy and shared a story about their friendship.

“I said hello to Suzy, but she said she felt a little uncomfortable,” said Shin Won Ho, explaining that Suzy was three years younger than he was, but still an senior singer as miss A made its debut before Cross Gene, which Shin Won Ho is a member of.

Shin Won Ho shared about a scene where Suzy had to slap him, but she kept slapping softly because she felt bad.

“I ended up getting slapped six times due to NGs, so I finally exploded and said, ‘Hey, just do it hard once.’ After that, we became really close.”

Big recently revealed the big secret of Shin Won Ho and Gong Yoo being twins who were born at separate times via test tube. It is a mystery whether or not the two men will switch into their rightful bodies yet.

The drama’s last episode will air on July 24.

Photo Credit: KBS

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (graced923@cj.net)
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