'Music Trend' SISTAR wins Mutizen Song Award

SISTAR won Mutizen Song Award.

On 29th, SISTAR appeared on SBS 'Music Trend', and SISTAR caught people's attention with their performance of 'Alone'.

They appeared on stage in red short dress, showing their perfectly shaped body, and made a very successful and charismatic performance.

SISTAR ended winning Mutizen Song Award after all of the performances, and they expressed great joy and thanks to the fans, families, song writer, and agency officials.

On the other hand, the other performances featured AndaMiro&YDG, X-CROSS, Yangpa&Shin Jong-gook, Girls' Day, Bae-chigi, Supernova, IVY, BTOB, Nu'Est, EXO-K, Sunny Hill, B.A.P, U-KISS, 4Minute, SISTAR, and Big Bang.

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