′My Daughter Seo Young′ to Start a New Phase In Its Plot

KBS2′s My Daughter Seo Young will be reaching the conclusion of its first set of conflicts and soon start on the stories of other characters in its act.

As it passes its 30th episode, the drama is set to enter a ′season 2′ in its story.

While the drama had mostly been about how Seo Young (Lee Bo Young) got married secretly after leaving her father and brother, in 2013 the drama will start to center around Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin) and Sung Jae (Lee Jung Shin).

An official said, "We know that viewers have been complaining about how the strife between Woo Jae (Lee Sang Yoon) and Seo Young has been stretched out for so long. Woo Jae and Seo Young will overcome their difficulties soon, and the center of the story will move to Sung Jae. The main conflict will center around the secret behind Sung Jae′s birth."

The official added, "Seo Young′s little brother Sang Woo′s life as a newlywed will also add some energy to the plot. Sang Woo has often been seen in tears after breaking up with Mi Kyung (Park Jung Ah) and also because of his sister Seo Young, but he will overcome and show a brighter image. He will appear in comical and cute scenes, including one in which he sleeps holding hands with his new wife Ho Jung (Choi Yoon Young)."

If the first ′season′ was more about how Seo Young got married after overcoming her father′s financial difficulties, the second season will be about the effects of the wedding and the reunion of her family. The producers have hinted before that Sung Jae′s birth mother is Yoon So Mi (Jo Eun Sook), the secretary of President Kang Ki Bum. They never explained, however, how Yoon So Mi had come to raise Sung Jae not as her own son, but as Kang Ki Bum′s son. As the identity of Sung Jae′s father comes out into the open, the information will shake not only Seo Young but also Woo Jae′s entire family.

Another rep said, "The viewership ratings are currently in the mid-30s, and we believe that we′ll be able to pass 40 percent based on Sang Woo and Sung Jae′s actions."

Reporter : Lee, InKyung (judysmall@cj.net)
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