Park Jinyoung speaks about the establishment of JYP Entertainment

Park Jinyoung revealed the behind story of establishing the JYP Entertainment.

On 30th, Park Jinyoung appeared on SBS 'Healing Camp', and he revealed that he earned 2 billion KRW when he was only 26 years old.

Park Jinyoung talked about the change of goals in his life, and he said, "My first goal was earning 2 billion KRW," and surprised everyone.

Even though he made a big hit with his debut song 'Don't Leave Me', his agency was dishonored, and he decided to establish his own entertainment company.

Afterwards, he made big hits with 'She Was Pretty' and 'Honey', and he invested the benefits for buying the current JYP office building.

He also mentioned the struggle that he has to go through to maintain his position as the squire of JYP, and drew people's attention.

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