Park Yoo Chun’s Satisfying Three Years as an Actor

Park Yoo Chun has certainly had a great three years as an actor.

Sometimes it feels embarrassing to say an actor can act, because it doesn’t really sound like praise when that’s their job.

Still, when we see Park Yoo Chun acting as Lee Gak we can’t help but exclaim at how great an actor he is. Park Yoo Chun had his viewers laughing and crying with him in every episode of his dramas with his great skills.

Park Yoo Chun wasn’t just ‘an idol who could act’ from the start. He never lost his cool even when the script did because it was so rushed, and he led his own rediscovery after rediscovery.

Park Yoo Chun first tried his hand at acting through the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010.

At the time, many were concerned because idol acting was rarely said to be that good, but Park Yoo Chun broke through the prejudice with his natural way of acting and showed how he had grown as a true actor.

He was then praised for his Song Yu Hyun role in Miss Ripley in 2011, even getting himself the nickname ‘Miri’s pushover’ for his perfect rendition of a man who only had a heart for one woman.

His acting especially bloomed in the most recent Rooftop Prince. He gave his viewers something to laugh about with his comical antics, and when the story started to concentrate on the mystery, he immediately became the charismatic Crown Prince trying to get to the bottom of things. He portrayed the complicated emotions surrounding the incidents perfectly, getting his viewers more into his drama.

After the drama’s end, viewers left behind reactions such as, ‘I didn’t know who Micky Yoo Chun was, but I became a fan through Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I’m so proud of how much he’s grown,’ ‘It’s great that he can take on two roles at once’ and ‘My heart still hurts. I miss Lee Gak.’

The final episode of Rooftop Prince recorded 14.8 percent in viewership ratings. This was 2 percent points higher than the 12.8 percent of the May 23 broadcast, and set the drama at the top of the time slot.

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