'Phantom' So Ji Seob shows his unexpected humorous side

So Ji Seob showed his humorous side.

On 21st, in the new episode of SBS drama 'Phantom', Giyoung(So Ji Seob) showed his humorous side. In the episode, he woke Kangmi(Lee Yeon Hee) by humorously hacking into her computer and turning on an alarm.

Kangmi was enjoying her sleeping in, but she was very surprised and was woken up by a loud music.

Kangmi was extremely surprised because So Ji Seob revived what happened in the 'Shin Hyo Jung Case', and she got furious by his joke.

Afterwards, Giyoung kept teasing Kangmi by sending text messages and video messages.

Netizens made comments, such as "He was so cute", "I thought he always would be charismatic", and "I want to see his humorous side more."

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