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The world of ice cream is expanding and it's not just in terms of flavours. These sweet desserts are moving into the virtual world to provide extra fun to your day. Not only are they good to eat, they are apparently too cute to ignore as well. Just take a scroll down the ice cream games we spotted and you will get what we mean.

1. Ice Cream Jump
Reach for higher heights by helping the happy Ice Cream Scoop jump, jump and jump safely from the first platform onto the next. It may look like a simple job, but the game gets you so addicted to giving a hand to the friendly dessert that you won't be able to stop your aid. We're pretty sure he might somehow be related to Superman, what with his affinity to 'fly' higher, not to mention as well his choice of sporting the familiar trademark of a curl in front. Look out for the flies though, they will stop at nothing to prevent you from soaring to the top.

2. Ice Tycoon
This is the dream. To own your ice cream empire with a free range of choosing your favourite flavour and toppings. What better job than this? Rule the world of ice cream by earning the top spot as the Ice Tycoon. Peppered with cuteness, this will be the job of a lifetime where you'll never want to walk away from. Of course, the unlimited ice cream adds to the perks, doesn't it? Just make sure the demanding customers that contribute to your empire are pleased with your service!

3. Gelato Mania
Truly a game for ice cream lovers, the makers of the game itself warns players not to drool too much with this puzzle-based entertainment that challenges your self-control as well as creativity. With more than 100 stages to dazzle your day, Gelato Mania includes many delicious favourites for toppings such as whipping cream and cherries and out-of-this-world suggestions such as stardust. Eager to find out what other scrumptious ingredients are there? Well, you know where to search for them.

4. Scoops
Revenge against the vegetables! How many of us had hankered after ice cream for dinner yet are always forced to wolf down vegetables instead? Well, the time has come for us to make our stand with Scoops. Be the top scorer by stacking the cone as high as you can with varieties of ice cream falling from the sky. Be sure to avoid the falling vegetables as they would cause you to lose points. Remember, balance is key. The higher you go, the wobblier the stack gets and the vegetables would grab the chance to get you.

5. Icecream Master
This game may not be preparing you for an ice cream empire, but it's a shoo-in for dessert lovers who have a thing for making food from scratch. Be the master of ice cream by mixing in the right ingredients into the bowl for that perfect flavour. A great way to make ice cream without having to dirty your hands or your kitchen! Although, be extra careful to put in all the correct ingredients before mixing them up or you'll end up with a flavour not even the best of ice cream lovers will enjoy.

6. Hungry MonstR
How much do you love your ice cream? Defend them to the very last moment as MonstRs rush at you from every corner to grab that ice cream from your cart. It's a harrowing business selling ice cream in MonstR Land, but a job's a job. The trick is not to lose your cool when the big wave of MonstRs come attacking. Protect your beloved desserts well or all you will be left with is the trail of laughter left behind by the MonstrRs making away with your icy treats.

7. Blue ice cream
Put your brain to the challenge as you figure out how to sell as many ice cream as you can to get the highest revenue. Presented in the form of a puzzle, the ice cream can only be sold by combining as many of the same flavours together as possible. The more ice cream blocks you are able to sell at one go, the higher your profit. While not as visually attractive as other ice cream games, this is nevertheless an addictive one once you get into the game.

8. Ice Cream Run
Help Mr. Freezy defend his ice cream business against the scary ice cream fanatics who are out to get as many free ice cream as possible. The only way to stop them is to throw all the ice cream cones, popsicles and sundae you have at their direction to slow them down and eventually preventing their obsession for more ice cream. Who knows, you might be rewarded by Mr. Freezy for all your help!

9. Zombie I Scream
The Zombie apocalypse takes a creamy twist as the government discovers the cure to the epidemic via ice cream! All you need to do is mix up the right flavour of ice cream and sell them to your undead customers. You'll see them transforming back to their normal human self soon enough! Flaunt your expertise in mixing up a delicious batch of ice cream and save humankind from being lunch at the same time in 35 levels.

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