[Poll] Which Star’s SNS is the Most Stalk-worthy?

It’s rare to find a celebrity who’s not on some sort of social networking website these days.

From Twitter and Facebook to me2day, stars have been granting fans invaluable, real-time access to their otherwise very private—not to mention, busy—lives.

Still, only a handful of celebs can be called true social networking butterflies, and while it’s quite annoying when our friends blow up our newsfeeds with minute-by-minute status updates, we eat it up when our favorite stars live-tweet their lives.

So, for this week’s poll, we want to know which celebrity’s Twitter or Facebook do you find yourself checking every minute?

Jang Keun Suk (@AsiaPrince_JKS)

If anyone has mastered the art of self promotion, it’s the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Asia’ Jang Keun Suk.

The hallyu star has been utilizing Twitter to its fullest potential, providing his 400,000-plus followers with mintute-by-minute updates on his life. And we don’t blame him. If our lives were as interesting as his, we’d want you to know too.

In fact, if you want to know where in the world Jang Keun Suk is this very minute, chances are a quick browse through his Twitter will reveal all. Like, really.

Lee Min Ho (OfficialLeeMinho)

Want to know how we know actor Lee Min Ho is a pretty popular guy? He has five million-plus friends on Facebook. Well, five million-plus ‘Likes,’ if you want to get technical, but the number certainly puts the few hundred friends we have on Facebook to shame.

From posting still cuts from the set of his new drama Faith to selcas, Lee Min Ho has been actively updating his fans on his whereabouts through his official Facebook page. And with each post averaging a couple hundred thousand ‘Likes,’ we think it’s safe to say the fans are enjoying the backstage access.

Sandara Park (21dara)

While Twitter and Facebook seem to be most celebrities’ preferred SNS, Sandara Park remains loyal to Korean micro blogging website me2day.

Sandara Park takes photo editing and emoticons to new heights, keeping fans up to date through amusing photos and bubbly captions.

Kim Jae Joong (@mjjeje)

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is just shy of one million followers on Twitter, and it’s easy to see why the fans love following the singer and actor’s every move.

From behind-the-scenes photos on the set of the recently-wrapped drama Time Slip Dr. Jin, capturing the glamorous lifestyle of a drama star, to the mundane moments, like deciding which cup ramen to eat, Kim Jae Joong has been letting his fans in on the daily happenings of his life. And they’ve been eating it up. As have we.

G-Dragon (@IBGDRGN)

G-Dragon was a little fashionably late (of course) to the SNS world, but he has certainly been making up for lost time, with all of his 400,000-plus and counting followers hanging on to his every tweet since he began dropping hints about his upcoming solo album on the social networking website.

He has also been giving fans peeks into his everyday life through the photo sharing app Instagram.

So, which celebrity have you admittedly been stalking through SNS? Let us know by voting!

Photo credit: Mentioned celebs′ respective Twitters, Facebook, me2day

Reporter : Nancy Lee (nancylee@cj.net)
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