Prince Harry: A History Of Headlines

  • Colleagues Mourn Death of Doctors in Afghanistan

    Colleagues Mourn Death of Doctors in Afghanistan

    Colleagues Mourn Death of Doctors in Afghanistan

    Three American doctors were killed in Afghanistan's capital Thursday by an armed guard assigned to protect a hospital. Former colleagues of one of the victims mourns his death. (April 24) …

  • Ukraine Launches Operation Against Insurgents

    Ukraine Launches Operation Against Insurgents

    Ukraine Launches Operation Against Insurgents

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  • Obama Reassures Japan on China

    Obama Reassures Japan on China

    Obama Reassures Japan on China

    Opening a four-nation Asian tour, President Obama is reassuring Japan of U.S. backing should China follow Russia's Ukraine example and try to seize disputed islands in the East China Sea. (April 24) …

He turns 28 in September, but after Tuesday night's nude photo scandal, it appears age hasn't brought more wisdom to Britain's Prince Harry.

The younger brother of Prince William only recently became the royal face of the Summer Olympics, alongside sister-in-law Kate, after Wills was called back to work as a search-and-rescue pilot, but with the Las Vegas nude photos, published by TMZ, Prince Harry is back in the spotlight for less sterling reasons.

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Over the years the Prince, third in line to the British throne, has made a host of headlines for his behavior.

Here's a few of some of his biggest:

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Prince Harry Gets A Lesson In Rehab: When he was just 16, Prince Harry visited a rehab center for heroin addicts in London. Harry's visit came after his father, Prince Charles, found out the then-teen had reportedly been smoking marijuana and drinking. According to reports at the time, Charles actually asked Prince William to make the rehab visit suggestion to his little brother. The news was kept under wraps for a time, but emerged after Harry was 17.

Nazi Uniform Scandal: In 2005, just months before joining the British army, Prince Harry made headlines across the world after The Sun newspaper printed a photo showing the young royal (then 20) wearing a swastika armband at a party. Clarence House, the royals' press office, quickly released a mea culpa on behalf of the Prince for his costume choice, but not before the incident sparked outrage across the globe.

Racist Remark Caught On Camera: In 2009, a video surfaced via the UK's News of the World, where Prince Harry used a racial epithet to refer to a fellow soldier. As he panned over sleeping troops, he referred to one of them as, "our little Paki friend, Ahmed" and suggested another soldier looked "like a raghead." According to The Sun, the ginger Prince later called the soldier in question and, of course, apologized. But just days later, another scandal erupted when the British press reported that Harry, William and Prince Charles called their polo pal, Kolin Dhillon "Sooty." Dhillon, however, reportedly told The Sun, the nickname as "a term of affection" with no malice intended by members of the Cirencester polo club.

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