Psy to Deal Painful Blows on ‘Superstar K4’

Look out for Psy, because he’s going to be handing out scathing comments on Mnet’s Superstar K4.

The producers of Superstar K4 said, “We saw in the Korean and overseas preliminaries that Psy had a tongue as sharp as Lee Seung Chul’s,” while Lee Seung Chul said, “Originally Psy was supposed to be in charge of the humor and I was aiming to secure my place as the one with the biting comments, but Psy unexpectedly butted in my area and made me take care of the humor.”

According to the producers, Psy used his abilities as a singer/songwriter and producer to give the contestants some good advice and sometimes reprimand them.

Because Psy is usually a comical figure, contestants were taken aback when he started hitting them with hard advice.

Producer Kim Tae Eun of Superstar K4 said, “A lot of fans were curious on what type of image Psy would put on as a first-timer in the program this year. The three [judges] showed off some great teamwork for the preliminaries that would’ve won the gold medal if there was a judging event in the London Olympics.”

Superstar K4 finished its regional preliminaries in eight Korean cities, L.A., New York and Sydney, and also those for soldiers in the army. It will air its first episode on August 17.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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