′Rooftop Prince′ Wins Wed/Thurs Drama Competition

The war has ended and the victor is ‘Rooftop Prince.’

On March 21, three anticipated dramas started on the same day for the same time slot, making the public wonder who will be the winner in this competition.

The three dramas were KBS’ The Equator Man, MBC’s The King 2Hearts, and SBS’ Rooftop Prince.

With popular actors starring in all three productions, it was impossible to predict which drama was going to be the winner in the end.

After the first broadcast on March 21, The King 2Hearts led the race with 16.2 percent in ratings. Rooftop Prince followed with 9.8 percent and The Equator Man trailing behind with a meager 7.7 percent.

By April 5, Rooftop Prince stole first place with 12.5 percent, closely chased by The King 2Hearts with 12.1 and The Equator Man again in last with 10.2.

However, the tables turned by the beginning of May 3, with The Equator Man leading the pack with 13.9 percent, while Rooftop Prince and The King 2Hearts battled it out with 11.6 percent and 11.1 individually.

The competition was up in the air until the last episode, with the first place spot continuously fluctuating between the three dramas.

And finally with the last episodes of all three dramas aired on May 24, Rooftop Prince ended the game in first with 14.8 percent with The Equator Man right behind with 14.1 percent and The King 2Hearts at 11.8 percent.

With such outstanding performances from every actor in all three series, it seems that more viewers tuned into Rooftop Prince to find out the secret behind the mysterious death of the Crown Princess.

Following after these three dramas, KBS’Bridal Mask, MBC’s I Do, I Do and SBS’ Ghost will air on May 30.

Photo Credit: MBC, KBS, SBS, Naver Screen Capture

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (grace@cj.net)
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