Seoul International Fireworks Festival will be streamed online tomorrow!

[by Cho Suyoun] Live streaming platform USTREAM Korea will air ‘2013 Seoul International Fireworks Festival’ at real time on October 5.

Tomorrow on October 5, the 11th ‘2013 Seoul International Fireworks Festival’ will be held in front of Han River Park in Yeouido. Since nearly 1 million people gather at this park to watch this grand fireworks festival, many people dare to go nearby. Thus, USTREAM Korea will air this festival on its webpage at real time for those who cannot make it to the place.

This annual fireworks festival is held by top fireworks teams from Canada, Japan, France and Korea. On this day, Canadian team will recreate 007 Series in fireworks while Japanese and French teams will express traditional beauties through their own shows. The finale will be held by Korea’s leading team Hanhwa and the group will show new type of multi-media fireworks. It is known that the total fireworks will round up to 110,000 shots.

The festival can be watched online at real time by visiting USTREAM’s webpage through PC or downloading applications on smart phones. The show will begin at 17:00 on October 5 and more information about the festival can be found on (photo by USTREAM Korea)

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