[Sh*t K-Celebs Say] The Girls’ Edition [Video]

Let’s be honest, celebrities say some pretty silly things sometimes, so in light of the ridiculous things celebrities have said and will continue to say, we’re launching a new series called Sh*t K-Celebs Say.

This week, we introduce you to one idol star’s unfortunate ‘small forehead complex’ and another’s runaway pinky toe problem.

Lee Min Jung

“I’m not beautiful.”

That was actress Lee Min Jung’s response to a comment that beautiful women tend to be really competitive on a past episode of SBS’ Running Man.

And while we’re all for modesty, we’re also a little puzzled as to why, then, the star of upcoming drama Big posts so many fresh-faced selcas of herself.


What about singer and fellow Big star Suzy’s appearance causes her the most stress?

“It’s precisely my small forehead. I’m concerned because my forehead is too small,” said the miss A member and star of upcoming drama Big.

Just don’t let Hyolyn hear you, Suzy.


We all have our fair share of weird insecurities, but when it comes to absurd complexes, Girls’ Generation and Taetiseo member Taeyeon takes the cake.

Ladies, you know how small you feel after a bad haircut or when a pimple decides to perform a one-man show on your forehead? Well, don’t stare at Taeyeon’s pinky toe for too long, because that’s what makes her feel insecure.

Why? According to the singer, “It sticks out to the side.”

Excuse us while we adjust our pinky toe so it doesn’t stick out either, because now you′ve got us all self-concious.

For more, check out the clip below from Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News on ludicrous remarks celebrities have made in the past and read what other celebs, like IU and Gong Yoo, have said recently that had us sighing out of exasperation.

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