Shin Hye Sung’s Body is Terrible and Eric is Better than Poop

After more than fourteen years of friendship, Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung declared that he liked Eric more than poop.

Aired on May 26, jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast held a debate competition between the Shinhwa members to figure out the best speaker in the group. While they debated, if their heart rate passed 120, the members would be out of the competition, forcing them to argue in a calm and respectful manner.

The first debate topic was whether Shinhwa should release another nude album, to which Eric, debating against it, criticized Shin Hye Sung saying, “There are bodies that can be made with exercise and bodies that cannot. Shin Hye Sung has a body that can’t be made. That’s not even a body." Later he added, “He has never had a body of an idol in the past fourteen years!”

In a later debate about whether Shin Hye Sung should live together with Eric, to get revenge, Shin Hye Sung hesitated and said it would be weird. Getting fired up, Eric asked, “Me or poop. Choose one,” to which Shin Hyesung said, “I can already imagine the headlines if I chose poop. ‘Shin Hye Sung Likes Poop Better than Eric,’ and I can’t live with that.” Shin Hye Sung ended up choosing Eric over poop, giving Eric a reason to celebrate.

The oil and water relationship continues on Shinhwa Broadcast.

Photo Credit: jTBC Shinhwa Broadcast

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