Shinhwa Members Share Their Underwear?

We knew the Shinhwa members were close, but it appears their closeness is on another level. We’re talking underwear-sharing status.

Shinhwa appeared on the May 3 broadcast of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2, where member Lee Min Woo talked about how he graduated from tighty whities to boxers. And it was all thanks to his fellow members.

Lee Min Woo revealed that he first discovered boxers at 20 years old when he came to Seoul, moved in with the other Shinhwa members and noticed a stark difference in the kind of underwear they were wearing.

“Mine were Superman panties,” said Lee Min Woo. “The others had really cool underwear that had bands. So I put mine in the corner.”

“You must’ve been embarrassed,” said Kim Dong Wan to which Lee Min Woo replied, “Mine were weird.”

“So then I asked Andy first, ‘Are these yours? Can I try them on?’” said Lee Min Woo. “Then I asked, ‘Whose are these really fancy ones?’ And he said they were Eric hyung’s. So I tried Andy’s on, and they were really comfortable. But Eric’s were from America. Made in the U.S.A. Even the logo was a work of art, so I wore it.

Lee Min Woo continued, “When Eric, who was about to wear it, saw me wearing it, I avoided eye contact. Then a week or two later, everything he was holding in must’ve blown up because he called me over to a small room that was next to the rehearsal room and said, ‘Hey, don’t wear my underwear. I don’t think it’s right that you’re wearing my underwear without even asking me for permission.”

Lee Min Woo said that he then fired back, saying ‘”‘Should I take it off right now? Okay, I won’t wear it then. Should I take it off for you now?’” before storming out of the room.

The story has a happy ending however, as Lee Min Woo revealed that Eric approached him later and said, “You can wear it” and gifted him with two brand new pairs of boxers.

To see more of the boys airing out their dirty laundry, check out the segment below.

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