Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Exposes Shin Hye Sung’s Drinking Habit

Having known each other for more than 14 years, Shin Hye Sung found out firsthand what it feels like to have his secrets be exposed by a Shinhwa member.

On July 22, MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay aired its interview with Shinhwa on the set of a men’s suit commercial.

The Shinhwa members had the chance to look at their debut profiles from 1998.

When the interviewer pointed out Shin Hye Sung’s specialty was written as taekwondo, Shin Hye Sung revealed that it’s been awhile since he’s played the sport.

Kim Dong Wan then added, “It’s because he got injured, but whenever he gets drunk, he still does a second level side kick.”

Shin Hye Sung was surprised to be exposed so easily and charged at Kim Dong Wan, but he soon gave up and told the interviewer to call him ‘a drinker’ instead of ‘the little prince.’

Photo Credit: MBC

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