SISTAR′s Dasom Felt Discrimination from Agency Head

SISTAR’s Dasom has shed tears while expressing her personal disappointment towards her agency’s head.

In the upcoming episode of KBS’ Happy Together, SISTAR’s Bora and Dasom will be among the episode’s guests. During the episode, Dasom revealed her pent-up feelings towards her agency head saying she faced discrimination compared to fellow member Hyolyn.

She began by saying, “On my birthday I received no contact from our agency head but on Hyolyn’s birthday made a call right on the dot to wish her a happy birthday.”

She added, “When we went overseas for a performance I became ill and had to be admitted to a hospital but not even a single individual among our agency family came to visit me at the hospital.”

Dasom then began shedding tears as she said, “But when Hyolyn was ill our agency head not only came to visit but brought food he had personally bought. During that time I was very sad and even cried.”

Despite the rather sad episode, 2PM’s Wooyoung, who will also appear as a guest on the same episode, is said to reveal his secret way of exacting revenge on Park Jin Young when Wooyoung feels sad because of Park Jin Young.

Dasom’s story and Wooyoung’s method of revenge will be unveiled in the July 12 episode of Happy Together

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