So Ji Sub Goes for a Not-so-Sweet Surprise Kiss on ‘Ghost’

So Ji Sub tried to bring a twist to the story with an attempt at a surprise kiss in the June 20 broadcast of SBS’ Ghost.

In the episode, Park Ki Young (So Ji Sub), with Kim Woo Hyun’s face, fought to find out who the other was with the Woori Daily reporter Goo Yeon Joo (Yoon Ji Hye).

Yeon Joo appeared at Woo Hyun’s studio apartment, introducing herself as “Kim Woo Hyun’s former lover” and confusing Ki Young. Ki Young tried to get behind the mysterious identity of Yeon Joo but failed, and became more suspicious about who Yeon Joo really was.

Ki Young then again came across Yeon Joo waiting in front of the door of the apartment, saying, “I see you’ve changed your door’s code number.”

Yeon Joo stayed bold even after she followed Ki Young into the apartment. Ki Young was pretending to be calm and unshaken, but Yeon Joo really did seem to be as laid back as she looked.

But Yeon Joo was the one to light the spark of their fight.

When Ki Young started drinking beer, Yeon Joo said, “Do tastes change after people get hurt? You used to hate drinking. You’re not like the Woo Hyun I know.” Ki Young shot back with a stronger attack.

He pushed Yeon Joo against the wall and tried to kiss her after asking, “We used to be lovers, right?” Yeon Joo was taken aback by Ki Young’s sudden pounce and rushed out of the apartment.

The episode also showed Ki Young and Kang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee) trying to clear up a suicide case. The story especially drew interest when a scene showed Kang Mi about to fall from the art room in the same pose as the dead students.

Photo credit: SBS

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