Soo Young tells about her romance philosophy

Soo Young talked about her romance philosophy.

Soo Young recently had an interview with fashion magazine 'First Look', and she said, "I want to be a comfortable girlfriend."

She told, "I want to be a girlfriend who the boyfriend can rely on when necessary, and I want to be a girlfriend that the boyfriend can be proud about."

She also said, "I have very feminine sides of me. I'm pretty good at making cupcakes and cookies. When I get married, I'd love to deliver snacks to his work."

She added, "But, I don't want to meet someone related to the entertainment field," and "It's very hard for me to start a relationship, because I can't stand the awkwardness that comes when I'm alone with him."

On the other hand, Soo Young is currently appearing on tvN drama 'The 3rd Hospital' as Lee Eui Jin.

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