'Strong Heart' A talk parade of Korea's hottest stars

A great number of celebrities had a question on SBS 'Strong Heart'.

On 26th, Jang Dong Min, Yoo Se Yoon, Yoo Sang Moo, Lee Gi woo, Kim Bin Woo, Yoo In Young, Han Hye Rin, Kim Boo Sun, Kim Do Gyun, Kim Min Hee, and a great number of other celebrities appeared on SBS 'Strong Heart' and told their funny episodes.

During the show, they had a special time of questioning each other for various things, and Han Hye Rin revealed his swimming suit photos.

She showed her gorgeous body shape through the photo, and especially male guests showed explosive reactions.

Yoo In Young also revealed that her real name was Yoo Hyo Min, and told episodes that happened while thinking about her new name.

Lee Gi Woo talked about his drama characters, and Yoo Se Yoon talked about the rumor that says he's a millionaire.

Yoo Se Yoon said, "There was a short period that my family was wealthy when I was really young," and Jang Dong Min said, "When I went to his house in the past he had three rooms, four beds, five desks, and two bathrooms." However, Yoo Se Yoon said, "I moved into a new place, and I couldn't discard them."

On the other hand, Kim Boo Sun, who told a great number of shocking stories was chosen as the 'Talk Queen' of the week.

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