′Superstar K4′ Hong Dae Kwang, Roy Kim and DickPunks Take Over the Music Charts

Superstar K4 has been taking over the music charts recently, as Hong Dae Kwang, Roy Kim and DickPunks have released their new singles.

Hong Dae Kwang was the first Superstar K4 contestant to make his debut this year. With his ringing voice and powerful vocals, he debuted in K-Pop with his first mini album on April 19.

He said he didn′t expect the album to be popular because most of the album′s tracks had been written by him, but his promotional single Far Away managed to top the charts, along with the other tracks that also ranked in the higher ranks. Even among such strong players as Cho Yong Pil and Psy, he managed to find his place.

Superstar K4 winner Roy Kim′s self-written track Spring Spring Spring was also a surprise. The song pushed back Psy and Cho Yong Pil on the day of its release, and still remains in the top 3 among praise from officials everywhere.

The third runner, DickPunks, has also been getting fairly favorable reviews. Its promotional single Viva Primavera, released on April 25, is at no. 14 on the Melon charts and is still rising.

DickPunks retained its own colors yet received help from singer/songwriter Shim Hyun Bo and Loveholics′ Kang Hyun Min for a high-quality album. The promotional single, along with the other tracks from the album, have been stretching the group′s musical spectrum to even higher levels.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

Reporter : Kim, JiYeon (butthergirl@cj.net)
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