T-ara members only meeting each other 3 days a week

T-ara members will have to gather only 3 days a week.

According to their agency, as So Yeon, Eun Jung, and Hyo Min will be casting in different dramas, the 8 members will able to gather together only for music show performances.

So Yeon will be casting in KBS 2TV drama 'Lovers of Haeundae', and Eun Jung will be casting in SBS drama 'Five Fingers'.

Furthermore, Hyo Min will be casting in MBC sitcom '1000th Man' and show her lovely looks once again.

T-ara members said, "We regret that we cannot meet each other as often, but we will do our best to show better looks in both dramas and music shows."

On the other hand, T-ara will finishing their Japan concert tour on 25th and 26th at Tokyo.

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