T-ara N4 leaving to America on May 12th to meet Chris Brown

T-ara N4 received a love call from Chris Brown.

T-ara's Dani knew Chris Brown personally since she was an elementary school student, and recently, Chris Brown invited her over to his concert which will be happening at San José, California.

'Wild 94.9 Wild Jam' was held on May 9th at HP Pavilion located in San José, California, and a great number of famous artists, including Chris Brown, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Trey Songz appeared for performances. Over 10,000 people attended the show, and it was held for over 4 hours.

After the concert, Dani met up with Chris Brown, and told that she is currently a member of a girl group called T-ara.

Chris Brown told that he started getting interested in K-Pop because of PSY, and he told that he already saw T-ara on YouTube. On the spot, Dani showed Chris Brown T-ara N4's 'Countryside Diary', and the music video.

Chris Brown told that the concept, style, choreography, and the song itself is excellent, and showed great interests in sounds of Korean traditional musical instruments. He also told that he would love to make a collaboration with T-ara. He also invited Dani to his music video shooting, which will be happening on May 11th, and asked when is the earliest time that T-ara members can make their way to America.

Then, T-ara N4 decided to make their way to America right away, and they will be leaving to LA on May 12th at 3:15 PM.

T-ara N4 and Chris Brown will be meeting up in LA, and they will be having a thorough discussion about different collaborations.

On the other hand, Dani is devoting herself in practicing dances and raps, traveling back and forth between Korea and America.

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