T-ara’s Hyo Min Receives Piles of Birthday Presents from Fans

T-ara Hyo Min celebrated her 23rd birthday on May 30, and was the lucky recipient of a whole bunch of fan-given presents.

On Jun 1, Hyo Min posted a series of tweets, attaching pictures of her gifts. She tweeted, “The High Cut parody, ‘HYOMINCUT,’ the Kancho (a Korean snack) cake, all these thoughtful presents. Thank you so much! I’ll practice hard on my keyboard and guitar and prepare a performance for you! I’m so moved that I can’t sleep!”

In the photos, Hyo Min posed in the middle of her presents, which included a keyboard, a guitar, giant dolls, shoes, plenty of snacks, hand-drawn portraits, magazines, and more. The highlight of the photo was Hyo Min strumming the guitar and also attempting to play the keyboard with her toes at the same time.

She made sure to take a picture of every gift she received, making her fans also feel touched by her gesture.

Happy 23rd birthday, Hyo Min!

Photo Credit: Hyomin’s Twitter

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (grace@cj.net)
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