[20’s Choice Awards] The 20’s Choice Awards Becomes a Global Event

Did you enjoy the 20’s Choice Awards last night? Global fans who were at the ceremony certainly did!

The giant pool party held on June 28 at The Oasis, an outdoor pool at Banyan Tree Club & Spa, drew people from countries around the world.

Out of the 1,600-member audience, many fans had come from countries such as America, France, Japan, China and even Kazakhstan.

K-Pop fans from France proudly showed off French flags, while others could be seen talking in Japanese, Chinese or English.

F(x)’s Chinese member Victoria and Krystal, who used to live in America, stepped down from the stage to meet the audience and hold some interviews with the overseas fans.

Global media outlets also came in to cover the ceremony. Journalists from Kazakhstan and Japan were in the press room to interview the award’s winners with the Korean press. Some were from such prominent outlets as AP.

The producers of the show said, “Because of the surging interest in K-Pop, many overseas media outlets requested to cover the event. Everyone looked on the event with interest.”

The 20’s Choice Awards thus came to a close as Korea’s only summer ceremony. Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Je Hoon, Busker Busker, Suzy, Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Taetiseo, SISTAR and more won honorable awards given them by fans in their 20s.

Reporter : Oh, MiJung (omj0206@cj.net)
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