‘The Thieves' Oh Dal Soo getting high compliments for his amazing acting

Oh Dal Soo from 'The Thieves' is getting high compliments for his acting.

On 10th, the 8,000,000th ticket of 'The Thieves' was sold, and Oh Dal Soo, who casted as Andrew, is getting a lot of compliments for his amazing acting.

Oh Dal Soo captured people's attention with his great acting in his previous movies as well even though he only made short appearances.

He was the only Korean actress who casted as a Chinese thief, and he perfectly managed his Chinese lines, and made his acting more realistic.

Chinese actor, Simon Yam, said about Oh Dal Soo, "If I get to cast in a comedy movie in my future, I'll recall Oh Dal Soo's acting. He's such a charming actor who has a god-given talent in comic acting."

Director Choi Dong Hoon also said, "Everybody will fall in love with him. He just disarms the audience with his comfortable and amazing acting. He's like a fairy from the sky."

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