‘Thrice Married Woman’ Uhm Ji Won Flaunts Her Beautiful Smile at Late Night Shooting

[by Sunghee Park] Actress Uhm Ji Won’s picture taken at late night shooting site was released.

Recently, one picture of Uhm Ji Won that says ‘Third Married Woman’s late night shooting site, Actress aurora that comes even without the lighting’ was posted on online community. 

In the picture, Uhm Ji Won is flaunting her beautiful smile at late night shooting site, holding the script on her hands.

It is said that Uhm Ji Won engaged herself to the shooting till the early morning with her great passion toward acting and beautiful smile.

Netizens who saw this picture responded, “Uhm Ji Won Shines even though there is no lighting at all,’ or “She is getting prettier every day.”

Meanwhile, Uhm Ji Won’s drama ‘Thrice Married Woman’ is being released on every Saturday and Sunday at 9:55 PM.

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