‘To the Beautiful You’ Covers Sasaeng Fan Issues

Sasaeng (stalker) fans are a big social issue in showbiz these days, and so they even made it into the fictional Genie High School.

The August 15 broadcast of SBS’ To the Beautiful You, the drama’s first episode, covered the issue of sasaeng fans in its story.

Most of the students attending Genie Physical Education High School, where the drama is set to take place, are good-looking flower boy athletes, including Kang Tae Jun (Choi Minho). Because of this, the main gates of the school are every day crowded with girls trying to get a glimpse of their ‘stars’.

Director Jang (Lee Ah Hyun) sighed at the sight of the girls gathered in front of the school yet again, saying, “Ah~ More sasaeng fans. They’re somehow even worse today.”

As soon as Kang Tae Jun’s van appeared at the doors, the girls swarmed close, making the so-called ‘rabid’ teacher Baek Kwang Min (Kang Kyung Joon) rush to stop them. The scene was reminiscent of the usual fights between sasaeng fans chasing after idol singers and the singers’ managers.

Three girls even made it inside the school by riding secretly on the back of the van. They hid in the bushes to take pictures, and surprised the boy students by creeping into the swimming pool locker rooms.

Rather than be sorry they were creating a fuss, the girls were only happy that they could take pictures of the private lives of their stars. They were just like the sasaeng fans in reality.

Viewers who saw the episode also caught on, saying, ‘Those girls are in the original [manga] too. I just laughed them over, but now I see they’re really sasaeng [fans]” and “I hope they do well with the sasaeng story.”

Photo credit: SBS

Reporter : Lee, KyungNam (lee1220@cj.net)
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