UV Asks Everyone to Cheer for Korea with New MV

UV, the comical duo consisting of Yoo Se Yoon and Muzi, returned to give the public another fun music video but this time with a purpose.

Collaborating with SK Telecom, UV participated in the ‘Social Ham Song’ campaign which is an abbreviation of ‘Song Sung Together on Social Networks.’

The campaign is get everyone in Korea to cheer each other on, especially with the London Olympics coming up.

UV created the song Luck to Everyone and revealed its hilarious and completely ridiculous music video.

Luck to Everyone is an optimistic song that encourages people and says that when together, everyone’ll be able to overcome hardships.

The campaign, set up by SK Telecom, will hold a special event starting from July 5 to July 27 where citizens can upload their own versions of Luck to Everyone.

The uploaded videos will be combined together to create the ultimate cheering song for Korea.

“I believe that it’s a song that the entire nation can sing together as one,” Yoo Se Yoon said. “I hope that with this song, everyone can live a funnier life.”

Videos can be uploaded on the official Facebook page for the campaign (http://www.uvhamsong.com/).

Photo Credit: SK Telecom

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (graced923@cj.net)
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