[Video] B.A.P Teases with ‘No Mercy’ MV Preview

Although its member concept photos showed vibrant colors and playfulness, the recently released music video teaser for B.A.P’s upcoming album had a completely different vibe.

On July 17, TS Entertainment uploaded the teaser video onto its official Youtube site, sharing the next step into B.A.P’s career.

Appearing not so much as warriors but still men of power, the B.A.P members showcased strong dancing and fierce rapping, which included Zelo’s unique regional dialect rapping.

“The dialect rapping was Bang Yong Guk’s idea,” said a TS Entertainment employee, “All the members were eager to participate in this song and tried many new things. It’ll be a refreshing and sensuous song that B.A.P has not yet shown.”

The music video, as well as the B.A.P’s first mini album No Mercy will be released on July 18.

Until then, check out the teaser!

Photo Credit: TS Entertainment

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (graced923@cj.net)
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