[Video] Big Bang Surrounded by Rumors of Member Conflicts

You’re not a big star until you find yourself surrounded by crazy rumors, and that’s exactly what is happening with Big Bang.

Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News dug around and found just some of the rumors tagging along with Big Bang and tried to figure out if they were true or not.

What are you trying to hide, G-Dragon?

Daesung’s Permanent Expulsion from the Group?

Was Daesung about to be kicked out of the group?

Back in the day before Daesung was Big Bang, he wasn’t all that stylish. Even Seungri thought he was a delivery man instead of a fellow member.

But one fateful day, he learned that the big boss said he had to change his style within the week, or be cut from the group - so of course, Daesung transformed into the Daeseung we know now.

Conclusion? Might have been true before Big Bang was Big Bang, but now Daesung is most definitely in the group to stay.

Member Conflicts

G-Dragon and T.O.P, the hip-hop rapping duo hate each other? No way!

But rumors abounded because there appeared to be distance between the two, especially during photo shoots.

Wide also jokingly pointed out how far behind T.O.P seemed to be on stage...but that′s only because he can′t dance and keep on beat.

The leader was also presumed to be on bad terms with the youngest member, Seungri.

G-Dragon has shown a bit of hostility towards the youngest in the group, but Seungri says G-Dragon is just messing around - and long time fans will know the ′Tom & Jerry′ relationship between the two is just for kicks.

But, G-Dragon did mention he′s been training his adorable dog, Gaho, to bite Seungri.

But with all the jokes Seungri pulls - who wouldn′t? Besides, Gaho is totally harmless.

Wide says there’s a 31 percent chance of the rumors being true - but we′re pretty sure that all the talk of bad blood is just talk.

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (graced923@cj.net)
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