[Video] Infinite’s Sung Kyu Gets Revenge on Woo Hyun on ‘Rank King’

Aired on June 27, Mnet’s Infinite Rank King had the boys of Infinite participating in a simple quiz to find out which member was the king of knowledge.

In the board game quiz, the members had to hit the buzzer when they knew the answer to a quiz question. If they answer correctly, they would move to different spaces, which can either be beneficial or hazardous to their statuses in the game.

Fortunately for Sung Kyu, he answers a question correctly and lands on a special space where he is able to place the other members wherever he wants.

As soon as the members realize what happened, they immediately get down on their knees and begin sucking up to their leader.

Sung Kyu then plays a little game on the members, constantly moving them around and around and around. Some members complied easily, while others grudgingly moved, losing their better spots. In L’s case, he refused to move due to his laziness.

As the pieces are set, Sung Kyu makes a quick change, placing Woo Hyun, who is leading the game, at last place.

When Woo Hyun agonizingly asks why, Sung Kyu replies that he still remembers when Woo Hyun killed him in ‘The Chaser’ game three weeks back.

Check out the member placing below!

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Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (graced923@cj.net)
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