Wedding guest styling of best dresser, Girls Generation Soo Young

[by Lee Hyung jun / translated by Kang Jung yeon] Wedding guest fashion of Girls Generation Soo Young is issue.

On January 26th, Wonder Girls Sun\'s wedding ceremony was held at Lotte Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul. Sun is the very first group singer who got married during working actively. 

On the wedding, members of Girls’ Generation came to wish her good luck. All the members caught eyes looking stunning. Between all the guests, Soo Young was chose as best dresser.

Soo Young’s choice, white jacket

With brown curly hair, Soo Young wore white jacket looking stylish. She matched real skinny jean and see through blouse looking simple yet trendy.

The white jacket she chose as her main item made her stand out. Normally people avoid wearing white color as a manner, but she wore this as her main item.

White color jacket Soo Young wore is a product of Korean biggest SPA brand Leshop. With short length and no-collar detail. This jacket can wear as a casual look, office look, and dating look.

Stylish wedding guest look, How?

What should we do to wear stylish wedding guest look like Soo Young? Many women are in dilemma for all those wedding in spring season. Find a solution in Leshop’s 2013 S/S look book.

Use vintage or patterned items to look neat like office look, yet look trendy.  People normally thing neat is the key point of wedding guest look, but the trend is to look trendy and expressing one’s character. (photo by Leshop, bntnewsDB)

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