Which Part of Taeyeon’s Body is She Most Self-Conscious Of?

Taetiseo’s Taeyeon has revealed which part of her body she is most self-conscious of.

On May 7, the Taetiseo members were guests on the KBS radio program, Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 P.M..

During the interview, Taeyeon was asked which part of her body she was most self-conscious of. To the surprise of many, she revealed it was her pinky toe.

She went on to explain that she had injured her pinky toe four times, “My right pinky toe sticks out to the side from the rest. It once got caught while I was wearing heels and I got injured, and when I was young, it even got caught in the tires.”

As a result Taeyeon revealed her shying away from open-toed shoes saying, “In the summer, I’d like to wear a pretty pair of sandals or slippers, but I can’t really wear them.”

Listeners commented on Taeyeon’s complex saying, “I’ll treat your injured toe for you!” and “Even your pinky toe is lovable.”

Guess when you’re as pretty as Taeyeon you really have to start searching for a part of yourself you don’t like!

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Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)
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