Which SM Artists Brings in Big Bucks for SM Entertainment?

So which SM artists rake in the most dough for SM Entertainment?

None other than Super Junior′s Cho Siwon and Girls′ Generation Yoona!

During the “I Have a Question” feature of the show, where the guests can ask each other questions, comedian Kim Hyo Jin tossed the question, “Who earns the most in Girls’ Generation?” to Tiffany.

Tiffany pinpointed Yoona, saying, “Yoona is the member who does the most commercials, dramas, and other personal activities in Girls’ Generation.” She went on to add with smiles and expectations, “I’m now starting activities with the unit group, ‘Taetiseo,’ so perhaps I can beat her.”

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, who also received the same question, replied, “Last year, I did eight programs, radio shows, concerts, and commercials, so I had a lot of expectations, but I wasn’t the highest paid.” He then added, “The highest paid is Choi Siwon. I couldn’t follow after him because he films so many commercials in Thailand, China, Taiwan, and other countries.”

“No matter how much we earn, we will always have less than Siwon,” Eun Hyuk continued to complain, causing laughter in the studio.

The May 1 broadcast of SBS Strong Heart also featured Ivy, Oh Yoon Ah, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Park Kyung Lim, and others as guests.

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