Whitney Port reveals inspiration

Whitney Port has revealed Diane von Furstenberg inspires her designs.

The Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model judge started her career as an intern with the designer.

The 27-year-old says her time spent with Diane is reflected in her own creations.

“She was so empowering and supportive,” she told Company magazine.

“She’s always designed clothing for the purpose of women feeling confident. And that’s what my aim is, for women to put on my clothes and feel great.”

However not all of the model-come-fashion designer’s experiences of internships have been as inspiring.

During her time at Teen Vogue, Whitney found herself doing some less than enjoyable tasks.

“We were doing a photoshoot with an actress, who shall remain nameless, and I had to moisturise her. Then I had to massage her feet and they were gnarly! It was at the beginning of my career so I did it without saying a word. It’s just what you do, but it was gross.”

And the star, who appeared on American reality series The Hills, believes it’s this type of positive attitude that makes for a good intern.

Having hired her first two interns this summer, she revealed the secret to being successful.

“I always notice the girls who have a great attitude and will do whatever it takes without necessarily having to be asked. Interns shouldn’t be afraid to take a stance,” she added.

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