Who is the Winner of 2013 Sunglasses Awards?

[by Choi Hye Min / translated by Cho Suyoun] Accessory is the key item in celebrities’ fashion style. Among all items, sunglass is picked as a major item because it could upgrade the style make a unique point in entire look. In addition, many fashion icons love to wear sunglasses at official celebrity events or at airports. 

Below is a summary of stars’ sunglass fashion shown this year. Let’s take a closer look at their sunglass styling and see who matched the best. 

‘The Best’ G-Dragon: What’s the 2013 style icon’s pick? 

On October 24, G-Dragon was awarded ‘Style Icon of the Year’ at 2013 Style Icon Awards.
For the awards, G-Dragon dressed up in classic suit and matched with stylish sunglasses. On the other day at press conference of ‘One of Kind 3D,’ G-Dragon emphasized casual mood by wearing sporty Boeing sunglasses.

As G-Dragon is considered the best fashion icon in music industry, he has shown such unique and eye-catching styles by matching different designs of sunglasses.

At Airport: Girls’ Generation vs 2NE1

At airports, Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 shined in stylish sunglass look. While Girls’ Generation focused on looking casual, members of 2NE1 emphasized their unique style as they always have been. While CL and Park Bom chose big frame sunglasses, Sandara and Minji chose trendy square designs.

Official Celeb Events  Fashionista Kim Na Young’s Must-Have Item

Kim Na Young has become world famous fashion icon as she was recognized in many fashion magazines abroad. Then what is her must-have item?

The one thing that she never forgot to wear at official celebrity events was not a fancy jewelry, but sunglasses. Especially during fashion week, Kim showed up in sunglasses and emphasized her chic and funky look.

 Her free-style sunglasses made her stand out among many special guests and upgraded her casual yet modern look.

▶▶ ‘2013 Sunglass Awards’ BEST ITEMS 
01 Paul Hueman ‘PHS-950A’/ 02 Autre ‘AS-2508D’/ 03 Renoma ‘rs-9885B’
(photo by Bando Optical, G-Dragon’s Instagram and Twitter, bntnews DB)

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