Who will become the 'Queen' of July's K-Pop field?

It seems that the K-Pop field of July will become the battlefield of three girl groups.

On Melon Live Time Chart which was disclosed on 12th at 11 AM, 2NE1's 'I Love You' was ranked 1st, SISTAR's 'Loving U' was ranked 2nd, and T-ara's 'DAY BY DAY' was ranked 3rd.

The result of the three groups' battle is unpredictable, because the three groups have been bringing major sensations every time they released new albums.

At the moment, 2NE1's domination seems to stand the highest chance. Their new track 'I Love You' topped in various music charts as soon as it was released, and they will be releasing another song at the end of the month.

However, T-ara and SISTAR also stand high chances. T-ara released great hit songs, such as 'Lovey Dovey' and 'Roly-Poly', and SISTAR also brought a major sensation with 'Alone' in April.

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