Wonder Girls Celebrates Its 2000th Day as a Group

The Wonder Girls have passed the milestone of 2000 days since the group’s official debut.

On August 1, the Wonder Girls’ official Twitter tweeted, “It’s thanks to our Wonderfuls that the Wonder Girls have come to its 2,000th day. Thank you so much! Thank you for Wonderful.”

Included was a picture of the Wonder Girls members casually dressed and posing for a picture. Member Lim could be seen holding up a cake to commemorate their special day.

Member Sun also expressed her gratitude by tweeting, “Suddenly we’ve spent 2,000 days together with Wonderfuls…. Thanks for everything!”

Netizens responded, “Congratulations!”, “Wonder Girls is the best!” and “I hope you guys will go for 20,000 days now!”

Photo credit: Wonder Girls’ Twitter

Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)
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