Wonder Girls’ ‘So Hot’ Revealed to be Inspired By Go So Young

The influence actress Go So Young has had in the creation of one of Wonder Girls’ popular songs was recently revealed.

The surprising connection was revealed during a corner on the July 23 broadcast of SBS’ Good Morning.

During the corner, a past video of Park Jin Young appearing in a show with Go So Young was seen. In it, he was seen praising the actress, saying, “I saw Go So Young in a television drama and she was so pretty. I think she’s one of two of Korea’s prettiest actresses.”

Go So Young later appeared in the music video for Park Jin Young’s Honey.

The show revealed Park Jin Young’s appreciation for Go So Young’s beauty remained with him, serving as the basis for the Wonder Girls’ So Hot which contains the line, “My sexy eyes are Go So Young.”

Photo credit: SBS

Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)
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