Yang Hyun Suk Says It’s On Between Su:Pearls and Park Ji Min This Fall

Yang Hyun Suk is throwing the gloves down and saying it’s on between the Su:Pearls and Park Ji Min.

In the July 11 episode of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment the judges of K-Pop Star, Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and BoA appeared during a segment.

During the interview segment, Park Jin Young gushed over Baek Ah Yeon, Park Jae Hyung and Park Jin Min, the fresh JYP recruits from the first season of the show saying, “I worried if the kids would be able to adjust well with JYP’s already in-place trainees. But they adjusted well and are practicing hard and preparing with a lot of vigor.”

Yang Hyun Suk also shared on his Su:Pearls, comprised of contestants Lee Michelle, Lee Seung Joo, Lee Jung Mi and Lee Ha Yi, saying, “I know Su:Pearls and Park Ji Min will be debuting around the same time,” then brought the friendly rivalry up a notch saying, “We will prepare to see who will win in the end.”

Amid the friendly competition, the production team then asked BoA who she thought would win in the sensitive topic to which she made everyone laugh by saying, “I will be releasing an album first so let’s make sure I do well first.”

Photo credit: SBS

Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)
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