Yong Jun Hyung talks about his break up with Gu Ha-ra

BEAST's Yong Jun Hyung mentioned about his breakup with Gu Ha-ra.

On March 13th, press conference of tvN•Mnet 'MONSTAR' was held at 63 Building in Yeouido, Seoul, and Yong Jun Hyung mentioned about break up with Gu Ha-ra.

As he was asked if he did not struggle after breaking up with Gu Ha-ra, Yong Jun Hyung said, "It did not affect my work. We are still good friends. Nothing more or less."

He continued, "I saw her at 'Dream Concert', and we are still doing fine. I hope people will not think that I must be spending a hard time."

Yong Jun Hyung and Gu Ha-ra have been in a relationship for a while, but they broke up back in March.

On the other hand, 'MONSTAR' will premiere on May 17th.

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