[Video] Yoo Se Yoon Creates Bollywood Version of 4Minute’s ‘Volume Up’

Comedian Yoo Se Yoon joined 4minute to create an Indian version of the group’s popular song, Volume Up.

On June 19’s broadcast of Mnet’s Yoo Se Yoon’s Art Video, Yoo Se Yoon decided to create a music video for 4minute to release in India.

Yoo Se Yoon met up with the 4minute members and explained the Bollywood concept, where they’ll even be able to act in a romantic scene with a handsome actor.

However, the members later found out that the handsome actor was actually yoga master, Yogi Daniels, and in order to learn yoga from him, the members had to drink vinegar.

This was only the beginning of the problems between Yoo Se Yoon and 4minute, as Yoo Se Yoon continued to ask for awkward and burdensome actions from the members, making Ji Yoon complain “Director, this is your first music video, huh? How can you ask a girl group to do those things?”

Despite the conflicts that arose between the director and the singers, the music video filming finished and the result has been gaining much interest from viewers with its hilarious and unique set up.

Watch the arguments between Yoo Se Yoon and 4minute, as well as the Bollywood version of 4minute’s Volume Up below.

Photo Credit: Mnet

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